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Shungite – Rock of the Year! EMF protection,Purifies water too!

By fredbthiele | Nov 14, 2020

by Stacy L. Sherman Hello my fellow rock lovers! Stacy here. This months rock pick for Rock of the Year 2020 is Shungite. Shungite contains small amounts of fullerenes, which is a microscopic, hollow, pure Carbon molecule. Fullerenes are a powerful anti-oxidant and are being studied because of the multiple benefits for your health, and…

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How to Cleanse Your Crystals and Stones

By fredbthiele | Nov 12, 2020

by Stacy L. Sherman There are many different ways to Clear the past negative energy that clings to a crystal or stone. This process is called Cleansing. I want to focus my blog today on a few ways one can cleanse their crystals and stones Cleanse using Smoke Sage is a great way to cleanse…

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