by Stacy L. Sherman

Hello my fellow rock lovers! Stacy here. This months rock pick for Rock of the Year 2020 is Shungite. Shungite contains small amounts of fullerenes, which is a microscopic, hollow, pure Carbon molecule. Fullerenes are a powerful anti-oxidant and are being studied because of the multiple benefits for your health, and nano-technologies. Although Shungite used to be quite difficult to obtain, it is now pretty easy to purchase. The increased popularity of this stone is due to its powerful ability to heal the body, protect against EMF radiation, and it can purify water! In fact you can also power a flashlight without any batteries! I have done it! All of these reasons are why I proudly wear this rock around my neck and strongly feel everyone should own a piece of this rock!

The history of this rock is interesting. Peter the Great established the first spa in Russia and took advantage of the purifying abilities of Shungite by feeding it to his entire army and its horses; making his army far more superior than any other army at that time. Today, the anti-bacterial and water purifying abilities of the stone have been confirmed by science. Now we have proof that Shungite is an amazing stone with many proven benefits! I want everyone to be aware of the benefits of Shungite!

There are quite a few ways to purify water to make it “safe” to drink- ultraviolet lights, chlorine drops, water filters, boiling, Iodine, and don’t forget Chlorine drops. The problem with these methods is that even though they kill bacteria and micro organisms, they also degrade the quality of our water and increase the amount of salts and heavy metals present in the water. Chlorine and Iodine can introduce dangerous chemicals into our water. Shungite purifies water naturally- and here is how you can do it! Placing Shungite in water produces “Shungite water”. Science has confirmed the water purifying abilities of Shungite and it is commonly found in water filtration systems. Shungite has powerful antibacterial capability as well. When the power of Shungite to purify water was tested, harmful bacteria was artificially introduced into the water. After just one hour you can visually see that the concentrations of the bacteria are dramatically reduced. Shungite has the ability to clean things like Nitrates, bacteria, Chlorine, and heavy metals from water. It cleans the visual appearance and improves the taste! Naturopaths and healers recommend “Shungite water” for all types of illness such as kidney and liver issues, Diabetes, Heart Disease, cold and flu, allergies, headaches, fatigue, and your overall wellbeing. And that is only naming a few.

How To Make Shungite Water:

STEP #1- Get some raw Shungite stones with a high amount of Carbon.

STEP #2- Clean it by either brush scrubbing in a glass bowl with purified water or by boiling it in purified water (the easiest and my favorite way).

STEP #3- You want about 8 ounces/gallon (Shungite/water). Don’t worry about using too much Shungite as it will not hurt you. As with anything you drink, glass is always safer than plastic! (that’s another blog in itself). Let the water sit with the Shungite 6-8 hours before drinking. Remove the Shungite and enjoy!

Now let us switch to the topic of Shungite for EMF protection. This rock has been scientifically proven to absorb and neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation (electric meters, computers, cell phones, modems, routers, microwaves, 5G). The reason Shungite is able to this is due to the Fullerenes within this magnificent rock. There is no other material in this entire world that contains these Fullerenes. Fullerenes are hollow, pure Carbon molecules. These molecules are what scientists say give Shungite the ability to block EMF radiation. The scientists that discovered Fullerenes actually won a Nobel Prize for this discovery in the late 90’s. Before then, Fullerenes existence in nature was not even proven. Put a Large piece of Shungite by your computer, router, microwave, or on the other side of the wall from your electric meter. You will notice that you are less fatigued, get fewer headaches, and just plain feel better!

(Stacy’s notes) My favorite Shungite product for EMF is a Shungite pyramid. Also I cut a thin plate of Shungite (as I work in a rock shop). I slapped a double sided 3M sticker and affixed it to the back of my phone. BAM! Im protected! Earrings protect your brain, bracelets protect your bloodstream and nervous systems, pendants protect the heart and lungs. I also recently read that Shungite was being researched as a possible cure for Cancer.

That about wraps up the scientifically proven benefits of Shungite. Now lets get Metaphysical! Shungite is believed to help with anxiety/depression, improve sleep, and improve your luck! Some people believe it has near mystical powers that protect you from dark magic, and absorb negative energies, and even aid you in finding love.

My boss; Fred, told me that Shungite could power a flashlight without any batteries. So a fellow co-worker and I ran a wire from the flashlight and (at the other end) the positive wire to the Shungite and the negative to a ground. This rock is so powerful it powered that flashlight without any batteries! All that being said; do yourself a favor, get some Shungite. Come in or order online at https// ~from the coolest rock shop in the world! Stay safe out there, that’s all for now!



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