by Stacy L. Sherman

There are many different ways to Clear the past negative energy that clings to a crystal or stone. This process is called Cleansing. I want to focus my blog today on a few ways one can cleanse their crystals and stones

Cleanse using Smoke

Sage is a great way to cleanse your crystals.  Smudging gets rid of any negative energy and restores the natural energy of the stone.  To cleanse your crystals using sage, you will need a lighter and a bundle of blessed sage.  If you are right-handed, you will want to hold the sage with your left hand.  If you are left-handed, hold the sage with your right hand.  With your other hand hold the stone or crystal fully submerged in the smoke of the sage for 30-60 seconds. Make sure you are near an open door or window when using this method so that the negative energies and smoke may be released.  This method is extremely effective, as well as safe for all of your stones and crystals.    

Cleanse using other stones: Another safe and effective way to cleanse your stones is to use another larger stone. There are 3 stones you can do this with. You can use a Selenite cleansing plate or charging dock (That is what I like to call them), placing your stones and crystals on top of the dish or plate.  You can use an Amethyst Geode (cathedral style), placing your stones and crystals inside the cathedral.  And the other stone for cleansing is Quartz clusters. Whichever of these three methods you choose be sure that the size of the stone you are using to cleanse with is larger than the stones you are cleansing. 

Place the crystal being cleansed inside or on top of the larger stones and let it sit. Yep, that is it!  Of course, you will want to let them sit this way for about 24 hours. Leaving them sit longer will not hurt either.  For those who are using an amethyst cathedral, the deeper your cavern the more crystal you can cleanse in one shot!  If you are using a clear quartz cluster, it does not have to be huge.  This method of cleansing does the job perfectly!  You can even cleanse your jewelry this way.  In fact, this method is a naturally beautiful way to display your jewelry!

Cleansing using brown rice: In this method of cleansing you will pour uncooked, dry rice into a glass bowl and place crystals buried within the rice for 24 hours. Discard the rice when you are finished.  You can use this method with all of your stones and crystals as it is both, safe and effective!

Saltwater: Salt water is another method of cleansing you can use if the stones you are cleansing can get wet. Some stones will dissolve in water. If you are unsure, Google it!   Do not use a plastic or metal bowl for this method. Use a glass bowl. If you live near a beach, the salt water has a cleansing effect and can help ground your crystals to reset their energy back to a natural state. 

Grounding has a positive effect on the body.  Walking barefoot on the beach is a great way to set your intentions with your crystals too! For those of us who do not have access to the beach, mix a tablespoon of sea salt into a bowl of water and submerge your crystal. This method requires your crystals to sit for a minimum of 48 hours. For this method you DO NOT want to use softer (porous) stones or stones that contain trace metals.

Other Methods:There are many other effective ways to cleanse your stones and crystals. Moonlight (this one is my personal favorite)With sound (singing bowls or other sound frequencies)Placing your crystals around your plants in your garden

Once you clear the “past” energy then you must positively recharge and set your own intentions into each of your crystals.

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